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NOTAN office
Adres:Blv St Michel 15


NOTAN office is a Brussels based architecture and urban design practice. It relies on temporary associations between Frederic Karam and other architects, landscape architects, artists, urban planners, and more technical advisors. The idea is to adapt to every project that demands different knowhows and expertise.
With a Master degree from the EPFL Lausanne Switzerland, Frederic Karam has worked in Paris, Switzerland and Brussels at URA and Label architecture. He has taken interest in Lebanon as a case study to question and better understand his practice. His network of experts working in the design field encompasses people from several countries with different backgrounds, mainly from Europe, Switzerland, the Middle East and the Gulf, making NOTAN office an open platform.
NOTAN office relies on this network to reinvent itself through every collaboration, each project taken from scratch, with new inputs for each contexts in attempts to find coherent answers with given budgets, contexts and geographical locations. Notan is currently active in Switzerland, Belgium, France and Lebanon.

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